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Nabil Dib (ND®) Infusion Catheter

The main clinical benefits of the (ND®) Infusion Catheter are that therapeutic agents can be delivered to the target location under controlled blood flow condition to maximize the therapeutic agent bioavailability, concentration, and residence time while minimizing potential systemic effects.
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Expediting Scientific Discoveries to Clinical Applications

Nabil Dib (ND®) Infusion Catheter – Our physician-specified agent delivery technology is FDA approved and CE Mark approved.

Introducing the Nabil Dib (ND®) Infusion Catheter

The Nabil Dib (ND®) Infusion Catheter is a multilumen and multichannel balloon catheter designed to isolate a specific treatment region from blood flow while directing infusion of physician-specified therapeutic fluids into the target region. 


The physician-specified agent is dispersed through the multiple channels at the distal end of the catheter.  The spray mechanism leads to better mixing with the blood and potentially better tissue distribution.


Expansion Chamber

The expansion segment extends distally from the balloon towards the catheter tip and is designed to provide for volumetric expansion of the infusate and regulate the flow velocity before the agent enters the multiple lumens, potentially decreasing the likelihood of catheter occlusion.


Balloon Adaptability

The variable-diameter balloon controls blood flow through its adaptability to different vessel diameters. The figures below show the balloon going from non-inflated to fully inflated.


The robustly-engineered balloon demonstrates the carefully designed intended performance characteristics as reflected in the balloon’s compliance curve.


Less Radial Force

The ND® Infusion Catheter‘s balloon is uniquely designed to reduce radial forces, potentially minimizing vascular trauma.